What do I do When Someone Gets Arrested

What do I do When Someone Gets Arrested

To say that having a loved one or friend get arrested is a “stressful situation” seems like such an understatement. It can feel like your whole world just turned upside down.

Legal issues can be very scary and intimidating. But that’s where we can help you. You can call us as soon as someone is arrested and we will help you find out where the person is being held, what they are being charged with and the bail amount.

When you call us, we immediately call the arresting agency to see what is happening with the booking process. Once someone is arrested it will take time for the officers to book the person and list the charges against them. The bail amount will not be known until this process is complete. As soon as we get all of that information, we’ll call you back.

At that time you can decide whether or not to bail the person out.

You can choose to pay to the court the full bail amount with cash. So if the bail is $20,000, you would pay the entire $20,000 to the court. When you do this, the court will return the money to you after the defendant attends all of their court dates.

If you don’t have the full bail amount, in our example $20,000, that’s where a bail bondsman helps out. You pay us a premium, which is a percentage of the bail amount, and we post the bond for the entire bail amount with the courts. Premiums are not refundable. So in our example instead of needing $20,000 to bail someone out, you would need $2,000.

Premiums can be paid by arranging payment plans with 0% interest. This option can be discussed with a bail agent once the bail amount is determined.

Remember, call us as soon as the person is arrested. Don’t make the situation more stressful by trying to get information from the arresting agency. That’s part of our service, whether or not you decide to post bail. Our help in getting bail information for your loved one or friend is absolutely FREE.

We mean it when we say, “We’re absolutely there when you need us.” Call us at 1-800-793-2245 so we can help you.