Bass at its Best

You may be asking what does Bail Bonds have to do with a Bass competition; ABSOLUTEly nothing!  We just thought we’d take a break from writing bail bonds to show some support for a co-worker.

I never knew a competition for bass (the music, not the fish) existed, but it does!   And it was a fun experience!  

An Absolute Bail Bonds’ employee, Jeff, entered his vehicle into the Bass competition.  He has personally done all the work to improve his audio system to a building shaking level.   You can feel him pull into our parking lot before you can hear him, that’s right I said feel!  The bass in his SUV hits so hard you can feel it run through you.  

We’re proud to say that at the recent Meece Car Audio Bass competition in Lancaster, CA, Jeff won first place!

In addition to having fun being rocked by all the competition, they had a “Sound Lab” set up. I went into the Rockford Sound Lab to experience what true bass is all about. There were a few other setups to experience bass at its finest, as well.  Definitely a hair raising experience – and if you’ve ever been to a bass competition you know what I’m talking about!  Check out our Facebook page(!/pages/Absolute-Bail-Bonds/123726301284) to see pictures from the event.

Congrats to Jeff on his first place win. We look forward to next year’s competition.