How Much Does Bail Cost?

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Bail is set by the county in which a person is arrested.

You have a 3 choices when arrested:

  • Put up a cash bail for the full bail amount (e.g. if the bail is set at $20,000, you would pay $20,000 in cash).  A cash bail is refundable after the final court date.
  • Hire a bail agent to put up the full bail amount for you.  For this service you pay a premium, usually 10% of the bail amount.  (e.g. for a $20,000 bail the premium is $2,000)  Premium is not refundable.
  • Stay in jail for the length of the trial process, which could be over a year.

If you can’t afford the full amount in cash, your best choice is a bail agent or bondsman.

Bail through an agent costs 10% in California for all bail agents. There are exceptions where certain clients can qualify for bail at lower rates *

Your payment can be split up over several months, or years, so that you can afford bail.  We work with your income and customize a payment plan to meet your needs.

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There are discounts available if you meet any of the following:

  • Union member
  • Military, active or retired
  • Homeowner
  • Have hired a private attorney
  • Special circumstances