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In Martinez, Bail Bonds Services Provide Unbiased Assistance to People in Need

Depending on the gravity of the criminal charges, an accused may be given the chance to post bail in Martinez. Bail bonds can be requested if the individual does not have enough funds to pay for the entire bail amount. Absolute Bail Bonds can post bail anywhere in Contra Costa County. We specialize in fast, courteous bail bonds.

To post a bail bond, the defendant or one of his family or friends must pay a premium amount. This is usually ten percent of the set bail and offer a form of collateral. Absolute Bail Bonds offers easy payment plans and discount rates. This collateral the bail bondsman will hold until the defendant has finished all his required court appearances. Collateral may be anything from cash, to cars, or simply a signed statement from someone who deems himself financially responsible for the defendant.

For many years Absolute Bail Bonds has been providing California, including the neighborhoods of Oakland, Antioch and Martinez with bail bonds services. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our bail bonds agency offers unbiased assistance to anyone who wishes to avoid jail time. Absolute Bail Bonds is the closest bail agency to the Contra Costa County jail.

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