Veterans’ Day 2010

Veterans’ Day 2010

As I left the house this morning I made sure to post our flag in its honored place, telling my daughter to please remove it at dusk if I didn’t make it home by then. Our next door neighbor, John already had a flag proudly displayed. This came as no surprise. John is a law enforcement officer and a veteran. But as I scanned the rest of the neighborhood I saw no other indications of old glory. The trip to work is not a long one. About 15-20 minutes of driving through town. On the way I pass hundreds of businesses and thousands of residences. Today, there was an obvious, painful absence of red, white and blue.

I am not a veteran, being physically unable to serve. But my family history is rich with ancestors that have served our nation. It started with my 5th great-grandfather who was a Revolutionary War patriot and it continues to the present with brothers and cousins serving in the War On Terror. My great-uncle gave his life in Vietnam, and my father, to this day, suffers from the effects of being wounded there.

I don’t give this information to gain sympathy, or to garner some kind of respect for my lineage. I simply wish to honor the service and sacrifice of those who came before me. After all, that’s what Veterans Day is about.

Fortunately, I work for a company in California called Absolute Bail Bonds that honors veterans and active military members. Among other sponsorships and donations, we participate in a cause known as “Red Shirt Fridays”. The entire staff wears specially made red shirts every Friday to show support for our troops.

I would be incredibly surprised if any one reading this could NOT think of someone they know that is a veteran. Just ask your family and friends…I guarantee they know someone close to them that is. But whether you know someone or not, go buy a flag and fly it high ! Fly it at your home, and if you’re not at home today, fly it tomorrow. When you see or meet a veteran thank them for their service. Honor and respect these men and women. For it is because of them, that we live in the greatest nation the world has ever known.

As I said before, I never served in the military, but hopefully I can give service to our nation and its veterans by inspiring others, but if I can’t effectively relay that inspiration, then consider the words below, spoken so eloquently over one hundred years ago.

“we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Excerpt from Gettysburg Address – Abraham Lincoln

God bless America, and her veterans !