What is a Bail Bond in California?

What is a Bail Bond in California?

In California we have the option to bail someone out of jail with a bail bond instead of cash.  This is extremely helpful in today’s economy when most people do not have cash easily accessible. In order to bail directly through the county, without a bail agent, a person must have the entire amount of the bail upfront. This restricts who can bail without some kind of assistance.

That’s when you call a bail bond agent.  Instead of providing cash up front, the bail bond agent takes a bail bond to the jail and has the family member or friend released. Instead of paying the entire amount of the bond, you pay a premium which is usually 10% in California. However most agents can offer a bail premium at 8% for qualified individuals.

To make bail bonds even more affordable, some bail bondsmen offer payment plans with no interests or fees. Monthly payments makes the bail system within reach of people who don’t think they can afford bailing their loved one. A few bail agents can go so far as to offer a monthly payment that fits into the family’s budget.

Bail bond agents purchase the bail bond from sureties. They offer the surety bonds to the defendant and their family. The bail bonds are actually printed in different denominations, much like dollar bills. Some newer, less experienced bail bondsman can not get larger denominations from sureties because of their inexperience. The longer a bail bond agency has been in business, the more bonds a surety will provide them. Therefore, length of time in business is an important factor when determining which agency you will use.

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