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Thank Goodness For Payment Plans!

Thank Goodness For Payment Plans! When and how soon you need pay off the entire bail bond you owe to Absolute Bail Bonds is dependent on your financial situation combined with our workable options. That’s one of the best things about utilizing our services! The agents at Absolute Bail Bonds understand that everyone’s situations and […]

What Is Bail And How Do I Pay All This Money?

What Is Bail And How Do I Pay All This Money? California bail amounts are reviewed and adjusted as necessary every year. Bail amount for a DUI may be more this year than it was last year. Moreover, each county sets bail amounts, so the bail amount for a DUI can be different in Los […]

How Much Does Bail Cost?

Bail is set by the county in which a person is arrested. You have a 3 choices when arrested: Put up a cash bail for the full bail amount (e.g. if the bail is set at $20,000, you would pay $20,000 in cash).  A cash bail is refundable after the final court date. Hire a […]

How can I pay for bail?

How can I pay for bail? Bail is affordable through several methods of payment: Credit cards Customized payment plans with no interest fees or hidden costs Western Union payments On-line payments Payments at one of our many offices statewide Call us at 1-800-793-2245 to see how affordable bail is. While bail through a bail agent […]