Bail Bond Myths Debunked

Bail Bond Myths Debunked

Let’s face it, if you didn’t have to, you’d never learn about bail bonds.  Needing a bail bond is not something a person anticipates.  So no one really talks about what the bail bond process is.  Instead, people hear things that scare them and Hollywood has so convoluted the idea that people’s expectations are totally wrong.

First off, most bail bond agents don’t wear thick gold chains and use Pomade.  There may be one or two, but that’s it.  Bail bond agents are business people who need to meet an educational requirement on a yearly basis and pass an exam in order to call themselves a bail agent.  After passing an exam they have to find a surety that will back them and give them bonds to use. 

Another myth needing to be debunked is that you have to put your house up for collateral.  This is not true, for the most part.  Collateral is a form of guaranteeing the full bail amount.  If the bail is large, the bail agent might still ask for a house as collateral.  However, most bail bonds are written with just a signature as the collateral.  Meaning that signing the contract is enough security for the bail bond. 

Another myth is that the bail agent is just in it for the fast money and then could care less about the safety of the community or the location of their client.  In actuality, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The bail agents have families living in the communities they serve, so they are just as concerned about the safety of the community. 

And now for some truth:  the bail bond system protects the community.  When a defendant is a no show to his or her court date, the bond is considered a forfeiture.  What this means is that bail bond agent is now responsible for paying the county the entire amount of the bond if the defendant does not go to court.  Since the bail bond agent doesn’t want to pay the $50,000 of course they’ll work hard to find that person and return them to jail.

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