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When you call Absolute Bail Bonds in Porterville, a bail bondsman will immediately respond. You will not be transferred around to different people or asked to call a different number. We will immediately inform you of the required bail amount and what we can do to help you.

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For over 28 years, Absolute Bail Bonds, also known as Andy Moreno Bail Bonds, is the number one source for bail in Kings and Tulare counties as well as Porterville. A bail bondsman is always ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are your local bail bonds experts.

Call 800-793-2245 or click CHAT WITH US whenever you need bail help from a professional.

If you can’t afford the full bail premium, our bail agents will customize a payment plan that will fit your financial situation. All payment plans have 0% financing so you never pay extra to finance the bail premium.

At Absolute Bail Bonds and Andy Moreno Bail Bonds, we pride ourselves of our honesty and integrity, so there will never be any hidden fees. You will know the total cost of the bail, your down payment and your monthly payment before your family member or friend is bailed out.

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When You Need a Bail Bond in Porterville

When a person is arrested, the defendant or their family/friends can either pay the full bail amount to get the person out of jail. In Porterville, a bail bondsman can be contacted to shoulder the entire amount should the defendant or his loved ones be short of funds. In California, bail premium is set at 10%. Certain sureties will allow the bail agent to charge only 8% in certain circumstances. When the premium is paid or a financial arrangement is made, the bail agent delivers the bail bond to the jail and the defendant is released. Since our agents are local and know the jailers, we can offer you the fastest release possible.

Who is Absolute Bail Bonds?

Absolute Bail Bonds has been licensed in California since 1987. In the Kings-Tulare County area, we entered into a partnership with Andy and Gloria Moreno, the founders of Andy Moreno Bail Bonds. During our 28 plus years of business in Porterville, our bail bonds services have stayed in good standing with the California Department of Insurance. What this means to you is that you can trust us to be fair and honest

Absolute Bail Bonds’ and Andy Moreno Bail Bonds’ goal is to treat each of our clients with respect. As a family-owned business, we understand the hardship an arrest can put on a family. Therefore, every Porterville bail bondsman under our name makes every effort to educate you about bail and the bail bond contract and your responsibilities. We also keep you informed about upcoming court dates and hearings.

Our bail agency’s mission is to provide you with fast, confidential and courteous service during the bail bond process.