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Should You Open Your Door When Someone Knocks?


There is a knock on your door. You stand beside the door for several seconds torn between the urge to open it and find out who is on the other side and a genuine concern that opening the door could jeopardize your safety. Knocks in the Middle of the Night The general rule of thumb […]

The Ins and Outs of Brake Checking in California

Traffic offenses

It has happened to all of us. You’re driving along at what you think is a perfectly acceptable speed when you notice a car behind you. Under most circumstances, the other car wouldn’t bother you, but this driver has decided you’re not going fast enough so they proceed to get as close to your bumper […]

When You Need Affordable Bail Help

No one ever really wants to part ways with their hard earned money. Unfortunately, holding onto it isn’t always an option. Sometimes emergency expenses come up that require quite a bit of money, such as a car breaking down or a loved one getting arrested. These can both be very costly to deal with, but […]

Do Not Let a Friend’s Arrest Scare You

Lynwood Bail Bonds

You wake up suddenly at four in the morning because your phone is ringing. It is a strange number, but you answer it anyways. It is a good thing you did, because it is your friend and she says she has been arrested. She needs your help, but you have no idea how to help. […]

Lynwood Bail Bonds Is a Name You Can Rely On

Lynwood Bail Bondsman

Friends tend to come and go and with that, so does trust and reliability. Friends who grow apart may not consider each other to be the person who will bail them out of jail years from now. Current good friends also may not want to be the ones you go to and there is no […]