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Understanding Assault with a Deadly Weapon

What counts as looting in california

Assault with a deadly weapon is basically what it sounds like. It means you are accused of assaulting someone and at the time you had something that could have been considered a deadly weapon. Like most legal issues, assault with a deadly weapon isn’t as simple as we would like it to be. What is […]

Self-Defense in California

Self-Defense in California

In California you can’t be found guilty of a violent crime provided you can prove that the only reason you used the violent action was in self-defense. In addition to proving that you were in danger, you’ll also have to prove that your actions were reasonable given the set of circumstances you found yourself in. […]

Bail Amounts for Common Offenses

South Central Bail Bonds

In order to be released from jail, a person must meet certain “requirements.” This includes: Having not yet been convicted of the crime. Having solid, reliable relationships with others in the community. This shows that the defendant is likely to appear for court and less likely to flee. Not appearing as a threat to the […]