Things You Don’t know About Long Beach, CA

Things You Don’t know About Long Beach, CA

Long Beach. CA

Yeah, it’s just a quick 405 ride from Culver City, but, let’s be honest, Long Beach may as well be another world. Case in point, these 21 things you totally don’t understand about your neighbor to the South (unless you’re from there).

Long Beach is not Los Angeles


It’s not Orange County either. It’s somewhere totally different and, uh, way better. Recognize.
If it’s after dark and you live South of Anaheim St, take that parking spot You may not find another one. No, seriously, you’re not going to find another one. Parking is impacted and street sweeping starts at 4am. Take it and walk.

The beach isn’t really a beach

Long Beach Bail Bonds

Sure there’s sand and sun, but the surf? Not so much, sorry. That breakwater about a mile offshore prevents waves from coming into the harbor, but… at least it keeps the rent cheap?

You can ride your bike everywhere


The city is mostly flat and there are enough bike lanes to get you all over town and back, meaning you never have to lose that sweet, sweet, precious parking spot.

No one actually goes to The Pike at Rainbow Harbor


It’s a big, gaudy tourist trap full of empty storefronts that serve no purpose except to spectacularly take up space. It’s so bad, we even resent the Ferris wheel. Who resents Ferris wheels?

Sometimes we do like going to the Queen Mary


That big metal boat floating out there in the water? It’s a tourist attraction, sure, but the hotel rooms are cheap, the restored 1920s Art Deco bar has killer city views, and ghost hunting is a free-for-all game.

Those weird tropical-looking islands off the coast are not really islands


They’re oil rigs the city allowed to be built as long as the company made them look like exotic islands. So they hired the same firm that works with Disney to do it — minus animatronics. And rollercoasters.

It’s always 10 degrees cooler than LA

That brisk ocean breeze spares us from the eternal hellfire plaguing the rest of Los Angeles County.

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