Why You Should Keep A Bail Bondsman A Close Friend

Why You Should Keep A Bail Bondsman A Close Friend

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A strong relationship with a bondsman could be a very important thing. This relationship could literally keep you out of jail someday. We have yet to meet a person that says, “Today I plan on going to jail” Think about it, it’s not part of your typical daily routine.

It’s the same concept as befriending a good mechanic. You hope you never need their services but if you do, your covered. By having a close relationship with a bondsman you need to only make one call. This one point of communication will cut through the stress and hassle of figuring how to bail out. Your friends and family will not have the burden or stress of making decisions about who to call, it’s already done.

This very same relationship can save you a considerable amount of money. Your friendly bondsman might bail you out with zero money upfront. Why? simple, they know you. Another way to save would be if your bondsman charges different rates. Are you a Union member? Homeowner? Active or retired military? Some bondsman offer lower rates for those that qualify.

One huge benefit of personally knowing a bail bondman would be if you missed a court date. The basic principle of bail is to ensure that the defendant appears to every court date until the case if resolved. If you are late or miss a court date the court will forfeit your bond and issue a bench warrant for your arrest. Wouldn’t you rather call someone you know? You would be able to explain the problem and get a new court date.

It’s simple make a bail bondsman your friend. Hopefully you never need them but if you do….you get the point.