You’ll Be Shocked To Find Out How Expensive A DUI Can Be In California

You’ll Be Shocked To Find Out How Expensive A DUI Can Be In California

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Driving under the influence is dangerous. The chances of getting into an accident and getting arrested increase, yet many people risk that anyway. But, what most do not realize is the financial cost this could be. You’ll be surprised at how expensive the average first-time DUI conviction can be in California:

  • Increase in car insurance – $40,000. Surprised at the cost? This is the cost over a few year period; you will have to file your proof of financial responsibility with the court for a minimum of 3 years, and this is where the increased cost comes.
  • Bail – $15,000. This cost is lowered significantly to only 10% when paying for bail via a bail bond.
  • Fines and attorney fees – $4,000. Of course, having an attorney is always optional – but it is much wiser to have one represent you and help you with your case.
  • Towing and storage of vehicle – $685. When you are arrested, your car is impounded. Plus, the longer it is kept, the more you will need to pay.
  • DUI classes – $650. The cost for your DUI course, which you are now required to complete.
  • Reinstatement of driver’s license – $100. Licenses are suspended following a DUI. Once this suspension period is over you may get your license back with a fee.

Total cost = $45,435. Remember, this is just the average cost for a first-time offense. You will certainly pay more for every conviction after (but we hope that you learned your lesson the first time!) Now after knowing the cost, you might want to think twice on ordering another $12 drink at the bar.

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