Anyone Can Use Bail Bonds – Even Celebrities!

Palmdale Bail Bonds

Palmdale Bail Bonds

If you think that the only people who use bail bonds to get out of jail are people who are not as well off as others, you are wrong. It does not matter what your household income is, anyone can use bail bonds to post bail, even celebrities.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    She has had her fair share of legal issues. She definitely kept her bail bondsman busy, like in 2010 when she violated her probation multiple times. Her bail bondsman took care of everything and she was allowed to stay out of jail until her hearing.

  • Nicholas Cage

    In 2011, his bail bondsman, and friend, helped him post his $11,000 bail with a bail bond.

  • Katt Williams

    He was out on bail in 2009, but failed to make his bail bond payments due to sheer lack of responsibility, not his lack of funds. Subsequently he was re-arrested and ended up paying his own bail.

Plenty of other well-known names can be added to this list; all these celebrities go to different bail bond companies, and we at Palmdale Bail Bonds can tell you that we’ve had quite a few ourselves, but we won’t tell you who – we keep to our word of confidentiality! And if you ever need a bail bond for yourself or a loved one, we will help you ASAP just like we did them, and every other client we have. We treat all our clients respectfully and equally, giving each and every one the right attention, no matter how popular you are.

If you, or a loved one, are arrested and want to post bail with a bail bond, please contact Palmdale Bail Bonds online or at 661-272-0151.