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Modesto Absolute Bail Bonds Services By Absolute Bail Bonds

In Modesto, bail bonds are integral to a fair judicial process. Professional bail bond services spare defendants from possible trauma caused by weeks, even months, of languishing in jail. Serving Modesto and other cities of California for over 15 years, Absolute Bail Bonds has helped thousands step out of their prison cells and regain their […]

How Much Does Bail Cost?

Bail is set by the county in which a person is arrested. You have a 3 choices when arrested: Put up a cash bail for the full bail amount (e.g. if the bail is set at $20,000, you would pay $20,000 in cash).  A cash bail is refundable after the final court date. Hire a […]

Bail Bonds Agent Enjoys the Surf in Ventura

After years of writing bail bonds in the Antelope Valley, bail agent Russ is moving to Ventura, CA. Russ is a professional, licensed bail agent but we won’t embarrass him by mentioning how long he’s been writing bail. Let us just say he knows what he is doing. He started as a bail agent in […]

We’re Absolutely There in the Social Media World

We’re Absolutely There in the Social Media World We’ve taken to the social network! Of course we’ve been a part of the social network for quiet sometime but Absolute Bail Bonds wants to show our clients that our services are not limited to the Antelope Valley. We have agents throughout the state of California and […]