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New Driving Laws in California – 2017 Edition

Beverly Hills Bail Bonds

There are a couple of new driving laws you are going to want to know about if you are a Californian. They involve cell phone use and are very closely related to the existing laws. The old laws had a loophole where drivers would hold their cell phone in their hand while driving because they […]

The Truth about Bail Bonds

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The truth about bail bonds is not that needing one means you are a bad person for breaking the law or for failing to prevent a loved one from doing so. The truth is you are attempting to make things right, for yourself or your loved one. Needing a bail bond shows your motivation and […]

At Beverly Hills Bail Bonds Our Bail Agents Are Available To Help Whenever

Beverly Hills Bail Bonds

No one ever wakes up planning to get arrested, yet everyday thousands of people are arrested in California. That is why we at Beverly Hills Bail Bonds work tirelessly to help bail people out of jail. We believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and that everyone has the right to be bailed out […]

Absolute Bail Bonds in Beverly Hills Helps Its Clients Exercise Their Right to Bail

Beverly Hills Bail Bonds

Who says just because your loved one was arrested, they have to stay in jail? Everyone has the right to be bailed out of jail and, at Absolute Bail Bonds in Beverly Hills, we will help you exercise your right. No one wants to sit in a jail cell by their self, or worse with […]

We Are Absolutely There When You Need Us!

Is your loved one or someone you know in jail? The bail agents at Absolute Bail Bonds can help you! Absolute Bail Bonds has been in business in Los Angeles for over 27 years and is family owned. Let us offer our expertise in guiding you through the process of getting your loved one, friend […]