What Is A Search Warrant, And When Is It Needed

Lancaster Bail Bonds

Lancaster Bail Bonds

If the police, investigating a criminal matter, need to look through your property and belongings, they will often need a search warrant, unless you freely grant them permission to search. To get a search warrant, they will approach a judge and explain why a search warrant is necessary (reasonable suspicion that you have knowledge of or are directly involved with a crime). If the judge signs off, the police will hand the search warrant to you, and from there, you must step aside. The police are free to search areas and seize items listed in the search warrant.

There are a few situations where officers will not need a search warrant:

  • As mentioned, if you allow them to search
  • If they see something incriminating that is in “plain view”
  • When they search you after arresting you
  • When they suspect something of you and stop and quickly search you

Know your rights – remember you can refuse the police’s request to search if they ask without having a warrant; they will need to come back with a warrant.

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