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Bail Bonds Agent Enjoys the Surf in Ventura

After years of writing bail bonds in the Antelope Valley, bail agent Russ is moving to Ventura, CA. Russ is a professional, licensed bail agent but we won’t embarrass him by mentioning how long he’s been writing bail. Let us just say he knows what he is doing. He started as a bail agent in […]

Bail Bond Myths Debunked

Bail Bond Myths Debunked Let’s face it, if you didn’t have to, you’d never learn about bail bonds.  Needing a bail bond is not something a person anticipates.  So no one really talks about what the bail bond process is.  Instead, people hear things that scare them and Hollywood has so convoluted the idea that people’s expectations […]

California SB 1180 Costs California More Money

California SB 1180 Costs California More Money The California State Senate is currently considering SB 1180, a bill which increases the use of own recognizance for release of defendants from jail before their trials.  Own recognizance (OR) releases require staff to monitor and track the defendants.  Additionally, expensive investigations will be incurred when defendants fail to appear.  These costs […]

Can Fun be Found in a Bail Bonds Agent Class?

Can Fun be Found in a Bail Bonds Agent Class? Usually when you have to give up a weekend for something pertaining to work you’re a little bothered. Especially if it’s for educational purposes. Work-related classes are usually boring and unnecssary so our expecations are that we won’t enjoy the class or get anything out […]

Austism Speaks

Austism Speaks November 12, 2011 was a great day for Autism Speaks, a foundation dedicated to helping families effected by Autism with financial and emotional support as well as raising funds for research on autism. This was such a fun and educational experience andI was so glad to be part of it. Myself and friends, […]

Kern County Senior Games

Kern County Senior Games Rosewood Senior Living Community in Bakersfield, California held its annual Senior Games on October 6, 2011. This is sort of a Senior Olympics among different senior communities. We, Absolute Bail Bonds, were able to sponsor and help out at the event. We helped setup as well as helped with the lunch. […]

Deputy Don Self Integrity Club Golf Tournament- Twelve years and going

Deputy Don Self Integrity Club Golf Tournament- Twelve years and going Who knew that twelve years after Deputy Don Self put the Integrity Club in effect, that it’d still be going? The Golf Tournament held annually is to raise funds for scholarships for students of the Antelope Valley High Schools. Deputy Self said “If we […]

Rock the Arts

Rock the Arts This time around Absolute Bail bonds is leaning towards it’s artsy side. We have branched out and sponsored Rock the Arts, an annual show for different artists, as well as bands, and this year extreme sports will also be a part of the show. You may be asking yourself; just as I […]

Absolute Bail Bonds Participates In America’s Night Out Against Crime

Absolute Bail Bonds Participates In Reputable California bail bond service, Absolute Bail Bonds, participated in “America’s Night Out Against Crime,” an event that was held at Central Park at Mill Creek in Bakersfield CA. The statewide bail bond agency has been one of the most trusted and recognizable one of its kind over the past 15 years, and […]

Fresno Bail Bonds – Bail Bondsman

In Fresno, Bail Bonds Allows Everyone to Exercise the Right to Post Bail Many criminal offenses are bailable in Fresno. Bail bonds let individuals take the opportunity to post bail and avoid spending time in jail without having to immediately pay the full bail amount. This way, defendants can have more freedom to emotionally and […]