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What is Disorderly Conduct in California

Disorderly conduct in california

Disorderly conduct in California isn’t really one specific charge. It’s a blanket term that covers a surprisingly large array and variety of charges. Charges that fall under the category of disorderly conduct in California include: Trespassing Rioting Begging Disturbing the peace Prostitution (both soliciting and engaging) Public intoxication Loitering Invasion of privacy And many more […]

Being Drunk While in Public in California

public intoxication

Everyone knows that they can get into serious trouble when it comes to drinking and driving in California, but what some don’t realize is that even if you decide to walk home after a night of heavy drinking you can still get into trouble with the law. If the police take an interest in you […]

Celebrating Thanksgiving During a Pandemic

Celebrating thanksgiving during a pandemic

Some of us thought the COVID-19 pandemic would be over by Thanksgiving. Some of us assumed that the pandemic wouldn’t have a major impact on our holiday plans. The truth is that the past few weeks have revealed that not only is COVID-19 still here, but it’s also gotten worse. This has many of us […]

Early Warning Signs that Your Kid Has Encountered a Cyberbully

What is cyberbullying

Social media is a great thing. Social media sites let you stay in contact with friends and family you wouldn’t otherwise see. You can connect with your community, join groups, play games, and simply shoot the breeze. It’s great. There is a dark side to social media. The same social media sites you like to […]

The Role Of A Bail Bond Cosigner

A part of being eligible for a bail bond is needing to find someone who will cosign your bail bond; this person is known as the cosigner (go figure) and they are agreeing to be financially responsible to pay the full bail amount (monetarily or with collateral they pledged such as property, vehicles, and valuables […]

What If I Can’t Afford Bail?

Absolute Bail Bonds

Let’s face it – bail is expensive no matter how much your bail price is, whether it’s in the few hundreds to the thousands or even a million! On top of that, it’s not something you ever really anticipate having to pay for, so you don’t have a budget for that like you do for […]

Encuentre un Amigo En Absolute Bail Bonds

Encuentre un Amigo En Absolute Bail Bonds De un extraño a un individuo servicial a un amigo. Este es el proceso por el que pasa con su agente de Absolute Bail Bonds . Los agentes que representan a otras compañías quizás no serán tan servicial, amistosos, o atentos. Ellos no hacen el esfuerzo o el […]

Lo Que La Octava Enmienda Tiene Que Ver Con Fianza

Lo Que La Octava Enmienda Tiene Que Ver Con Fianza La octava enmienda de la constitución de los estados unidos protege a todos los que tienen derecho fianza. La enmienda prohíbe la fianza excesiva. Almenos, a veces hasta la fianza de ciertas personas todavía suelen escucharse muy excesivas. Algunas personas que han cometido crímenes serios […]

¿Está Planeando Halloween Temprano? Puede ser Mejor Que También Planeé Su Seguridad

¿Está Planeando Halloween Temprano? Puede ser Mejor Que También Planeé Su Seguridad Halloween puede ser totalmente dos festividades entre los adultos y los niños. Para los niños, se trata de disfrazarse y salir a pedir dulces. Para los adultos, se trata de vestirse y salir a una fiesta, o varias fiestas. Y como Halloween cae […]

No Importa Lo Que Sea Nunca Resista Un Arresto

No Importa Lo Que Sea Nunca Resista Un Arresto Si la policía intenta arrestarlo , no resista ser arrestado, no importa lo que sea. Este pequeño consejo puede ser más poderoso de lo que piensa. Resistir un arresto en actualidad en un crimen menor en sí mismo que puede ser castigado con una multa y/o […]