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Absolute Bail Bonds Can Assist With Felony Bonds, Misdemeanor Bonds, Appeal Bonds, And More

Were you arrested? Do you feel alone and unsure of what move to take next. At Absolute Bail Bonds, we understand your concerns and our team is here to help. Jail time is not what you want or need, and Absolute Bail Bonds is here to make sure that your are represented properly. If you […]

Los Angeles Bail Bonds, Bail Bondsman | Any Court, Any Jail, 24 Hours

We understand that no one saves for the day that a friend or loved one may need money for bail. For this reason along with the difficult economic times facing us all, we offer payment options to qualified applicants. We obtain the release of your loved one and secure their Constitutional right to be free […]

Glendale Bail Bonds & Professional Bail Bondsman Are Here To Serve Los Angeles County

Glendale Bail Bonds & Professional Bail Bondsman Are Here To Serve Los Angeles County Glendale Bail Bonds proudly serves Los Angeles County. If you need fast and confidential bail bond service in Glendale, we can help. Our experienced and friendly staff will do everything they can to help you in your time of need. Absolute […]

How Do I Choose A Bail Bond Agent

Choosing the best bail bondsman is not easy Experience is a critical factor in how well a bail bondsman executes their job. Only by experience posting bail bonds in the local jails and courts can a bail bondsman learn the important processes and time saving techniques to speed up a defendant’s release. Developing an understanding […]

Do I Need a Bail Agent?

Do I Need a Bail Agent? A family member or friend is arrested.  Now you need to decide if you should hire a bail agent. As soon as someone is arrested you can call Absolute Bail Bonds to have them call the arresting agency on your behalf.  This is a FREE service that saves you […]

What is a California Bail Agent?

What is a California Bail Agent? Whether you call them bail agents or bail bondsmen, different states have different requirements for people who want to write bail. In California an agent has to be licensed by the state. The bail agent is representing a surety who is actually providing the bail bond. The agent presents […]

What do I do When Someone Gets Arrested

What do I do When Someone Gets Arrested To say that having a loved one or friend get arrested is a “stressful situation” seems like such an understatement. It can feel like your whole world just turned upside down. Legal issues can be very scary and intimidating. But that’s where we can help you. You […]

Bail Bonds Agent Enjoys the Surf in Ventura

After years of writing bail bonds in the Antelope Valley, bail agent Russ is moving to Ventura, CA. Russ is a professional, licensed bail agent but we won’t embarrass him by mentioning how long he’s been writing bail. Let us just say he knows what he is doing. He started as a bail agent in […]

Absolute Bail Bonds raised $4000 for Saddle Up

Once again our wonderful community of Antelope Valley demonstrates outstanding generosity. On August 4, 2012, High Desert Cruisers Car Club added a special twist to their monthly car show at Louis Burgers in Lancaster. A fundraiser for Saddle Up Therapeutic Riding Stables kicked off with Jim Vernon, VP of the organization, offering to cut off […]

Bail Bond Myths Debunked

Bail Bond Myths Debunked Let’s face it, if you didn’t have to, you’d never learn about bail bonds.  Needing a bail bond is not something a person anticipates.  So no one really talks about what the bail bond process is.  Instead, people hear things that scare them and Hollywood has so convoluted the idea that people’s expectations […]