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Cyberbullying Is a Real Problem

Cyberbullying Is a Real Problem

In today’s modern era, it can be easy to forget that the people we are talking to online are real live people. We get used to reading screennames and can forget that someone is real lies behind that name. Maybe that is part of the reason that so many people are online. Cyberbullying is a […]

Be Responsible On Your Spring Break

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Spring is upon us, and for many young adults in college, that means it is time for Spring Break. It is a time to get away from school and to just relax. It is a time for fun in the warming sunlight and weather. However, it is not a time to cause more trouble simply […]

Leave it to the Teams to Fight for a Win, Not the Fans

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Sports games are supposed to be fun and exciting to watch. You root for your team to win and boo the other team. You go with friends and family to have a great time. So why do some people have to go and ruin the experience by getting into fights with other spectators? Most games […]

No Jokes on April Fools’ at San Fernando Valley Bail Bonds

San Fernando Valley Bail Bonds

People can be so on-edge on April Fools’ Day that they will be skeptical to nearly everything they hear that day. If that day you learn your loved one has been arrested for real, and needs help posting bail, you can rely on San Fernando Valley Bail Bonds, to get the job done. That is […]

When April Fools’ Goes Wrong

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April Fools’ is nearly here! For some people, it is a day of just trying to get by without being fooled. For others, this silly holiday is really like Christmas to them. They love to go all out and “get” people with their pranks. They can get pretty elaborate. Occasionally, some go too far and […]

Did You Know Juvenile Records are Sealed when a Person Turns 18?

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When your child turns 18, his or her juvenile criminal records will be sealed. So it may be that right now, you and your child are coping with their arrest and how it will affect them in the future, but know that when they turn 18, it will be a new chapter for them. Juvenile […]

Moral Obligation vs. Legal Obligation to Report a Crime

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Some people believe that if they witness a crime, they must report it to the police; if they do not, they themselves are committing a crime. Actually though, in most cases, this is not true. A person may feel the moral obligation to report the crime, but they do not have a legal obligation to […]

Does the Police Need a Search Warrant To Access My Social Media Account?

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You know that the police are looking at social media when they are investigating cases. What you may not know is whether they are allowed to do this with or without your consent or a warrant. So, here is what you should know: Content posted on public sites and accounts are considered evidence “in plain […]

Do Not Forget – Your Parents will Always Support You

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18 is the minimum age to be sent to jail, arrested juveniles are released back to their parents, but there is never a maximum age to which you cannot rely on your parents’ help any longer. Even if in 20 years you are arrested for committing a crime, you can and should call up your […]

Want the Best? Go to Northridge Bail Bonds

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If you want a fast, affordable, and reliable bail bond company to help get your loved one out of a California jail, contact Northridge Bail Bonds online, or at 800-793-2245. If you want anything less than that, you can contact another bail bond company. Good luck with that! Northridge Bail Bonds is consistently rated as […]