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Don’t Stab Someone for Spoiling a Good Book

Don’t Stab Someone for Spoiling a Good Book

Most people recognize that causing harm to other people is not a good idea. Not only is hurting someone wrong, it can put a person into a lot of legal trouble. However, there are still people who decide to do it anyways. Usually, these people have let things escalate to the point where their emotions […]

Have You Noticed Something Strange about the Olympics This Year?

If you have been paying attention to the Winter Olympics this year, than you may have noticed something a bit strange. Just about every athlete at the Olympics is representing their country, and so they often wear outfits with their nation’s flag or colors on it. Their flag will be placed next to their names […]

Help When You Need It

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We all have people that we care about, friends and family members that we would do anything for. If one of these people needs our help, we will be there for them in an instant regardless of the reason. If they need help moving, just someone to talk to, we will be there for them. […]

Bail Can Be Easy

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Bailing someone out of jail is not as easy as it appears to be on television. This isn’t to say that bail is difficult, there is simply more to bailing someone out of jail than is shown. Namely, the high price of the bail. The typical bail costs several thousands of dollars, and only fictional […]

Serving California for 30 Years

Serving California for 30 Years

One of the most important facts that we have learned at Absolute Bail Bonds in Los Angeles over the last 30 years, is that a person can be arrested at any time. An arrest can occur at 4 in the afternoon, or 1 in the morning. No matter when it happens, it will never b […]

What To Do When Your Loved One Needs You Most

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When a person is arrested, it is too easy to believe that the rest of their life as they had planned it to be, goes down the drain. As far as they are concerned, their reputation is tainted for life, they can kiss their dream job goodbye, and some friends and family will distance themselves. […]

Get Your Loved One Home For Mother’s Day: Post Bail With Sand Canyon Bail Bonds

Sand Canyon Bail Bonds

Rather than disappointing and upsetting Mom in the days before Mother’s Day by admitting to her your sibling has been arrested, take action and bail them out of jail. Just because they have been arrested does not mean they will be missing Mother’s Day. Bailing out of jail is a short process, but it is […]