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When Search Warrants Are and Are Not Warranted

Lancaster Bail Bonds

A search warrant is a court-order that allows the police to search specific property and items. Sometimes the police do not need a warrant, other times, they do. On those other times, the police will want to conduct the search, but not bring a warrant with them because they have yet to obtain it. The […]

After the Rain Falls, It Is a Brighter Day

Lancaster Bail Bonds

Similar to how a beautiful rainbow and bright sunny day appears after a gloomy storm, a person will see a happy, successful life again after dealing with an arrest. In the midst of the storm, or the legal process, it might be hard to imagine a positive outcome, but it is there. Do not worry […]

What to Do, and What Not to Do, When Cops Are Around

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When we are calm, we always know what to say and do when we imagine a hypothetical situation. However, when that situation is actually happening and we are caught in the middle of it, it is so easy to forget those steps. We panic and make rash decisions. Sometimes we lose our cool, but we […]

Curious If You Are a Wanted Person?

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Did you know that racking up unpaid parking tickets is reason enough for the police to issue a warrant for your arrest? It is very possible for arrest warrants to exist without the person being aware they are wanted. We hope you are not one of those people, but if you are curious, you can […]

What You Are Posting On Social Media Can Get You In Trouble

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Slowly we are all beginning to realize how important social media is. What was once an online source for fun and relationship-keeping between friends, has now grown to be a useful tool for companies, and government services. That being said, watch what you post on social media. You already know not to post wild, party-crazy […]

Know Your Rights | 3 Right You Need To Know

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When you were younger and watching all those cool crime shows on TV, you probably got scared out of your mind that if you ever got arrested, your life would be over, as you know it, that there would be no getting out of jail, no repairing of broken relationships, and no one to be […]

Early Merry Christmas to You!

Lancaster Bail Bonds

The best early Christmas gift you can give to a friend this year is possibly going to be the most you have ever spent on them, but it is a priceless gift. We are talking about paying for their bail bond. The good thing to start off with is that bail bonds are significantly cheaper […]

Lancaster Bail Bonds Sprints Into Action!

Lancaster Bail Bonds

Lancaster Bail Bonds can get your loved one out of jail in no time, just trust us. We offer affordable bail bonds with the most flexible and customizable payment plans compared to anywhere else in California. Plus, we can complete paperwork over the phone. No matter what jail in California your loved one is in, […]

Lancaster Bail Bonds Will Help You Protect Your Right to Bail, and to Vote

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The United States Presidential election is only a few weeks away, and we would like to remind you that if you have been arrested, but not yet convicted, you still can vote. However, you cannot vote from behind bars, so you will need to bail out of jail first. Lancaster Bail Bonds can get you […]

Drinking And Driving Is Never A Good Idea, But Calling Lancaster Bail Bonds is The Best Idea

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There will never be too many warnings against drinking and driving because even though we are constantly reminded of this message, people do it anyway. Thinking they are good at driving even while under the influence, thinking that they won’t get into an accident, think they won’t be pulled over, people drive after having drinks. […]